General emergency phone number: 112


No immunizations or unusual health precautions are necessary. Romania has no infectious risks and there are no poisonous insects. There is no malaria in Romania. During the summer months there are mosquitoes in the Danube Delta and some low-lying regions. For your comfort take some mosquito repellent when traveling during summer season. Tap water is safe to drink but if you are in doubt buy bottled water. Romania is home to more than 1/3 of the natural mineral springs in Europe. Bottled water is inexpensive and widely available. Some Romanian bottled water is rated the best in the world for purity and taste and is exported to many foreign countries. Naturally, we hope that you will never need to use any medical facilities. However, Romania has good medical facilities and Romanian doctors are known for their high standard of medical education.

Disabled visitors

Access for people with disabilities to Romania's tourist attractions has improved in recent years, and it remains a priority. However, it is advisable to check with all service providers prior to your visit, ensuring that they are able to meet your particular needs. Advance notice and reservations will also help ensure that you receive the best possible assistance.


Electrical current is 220 V; 50 cycles.

Outlets take plugs with two round prongs. A plug & power adapter is necessary for most appliances requiring 110 V.

Travel with Pets

Documents needed to take your pet into Romania include a Veterinary Health Certificate and a proof of rabies vaccination, not older than six months. Translation of documents is not needed if they are in English, French or German. There are no specific customs regarding pets. Pets are allowed on trains and buses. However, large dogs must wear a muzzle.

Each hotel or restaurant has its own pet policy. In general pets are allowed in hotels and restaurants. Hotels usually charge a little bit extra for guests bringing their pets.

Romanians love pets and please don't be surprised or offended if someone you don't know tries to pet your dog or cat without asking permission.


It sometimes looks like almost every adult in Romania smokes. Unfortunately, some of those who do smoke have little consciousness of non-smokers' rights.

The Romanian Government recently approved legislation that bans smoking in every public place but as in many countries in Eastern Europe smokers have little respect for non-smokers and for smoking laws.

Currently smoking is not allowed on planes, on buses and on some trains. Luxury hotels have designated no-smoking floors but very few restaurants have no-smoking sections. Smoking is prohibited in all public places including hospitals, concert halls, and theatres.


There are no too many public restrooms so your best bet might be large hotels, department stores or fast-food restaurants. Use of some public rest rooms may be subject to a small fee. Some public facilities in crowded areas, including those in trains and train stations, occasionally run out of toilet paper or might not be cleaned often enough. Carrying a packet of tissues with you is always a good idea. Restrooms signs will indicate "Femei" (for women) or "Barbati" (for men).

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