Mamaia instantly seduces you – a strip of land 7 km long and 300 m wide, caressed by the salty waters of the sea from one side and the sweet waters of the Siutghiol Lake from the other side. A luxury and civilized oasis, nestled on a huge beach sprinkled with extremely delicate sand which feels like white silky dust upon your ankles. The resort has 20.000 accommodation places.

On Siutghiol Lake, the tourists can practice water sports or enjoy boat rides to Ovoid’s Island where there is the tombstone of the great roman poet. The island also has a restaurant specialized on traditional fish meals being the ideal place for a quick getaway.

Mamaia has many attractions like Aqua Magic Park situated at the entrance of the resort, the Sky gondola that offers amazing panoramic view over the resort and 8 nautical sports bases for parasailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, water scooters, catamaran sailing, etc. Other entertainment spots are the numerous jumping boards, bicycles for one, two, three or even four persons, scooters, beach-volley, tennis courts, mini golf courses and handball beach courts as well as the numerous discos and clubs.

You must see also the Holiday Village which has a lot of spinning rides, roller-coasters, tracks, dodgems.

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