Dobrogea Gorges

Located approx. 45 km North-West of Constanta city, along Casimcea valley, represent an important attraction from the geological, biological and spelean point of view. The landscape of a rare beauty shelters scarce flora species and also important archaeological discoveries.

Fantanita Murfatlar

Near the town of Murfatlar, is a steep cliff that shelters important species of flora and fauna.

Comorova Forest (Neptun)

is an oak forest over a hundred years old. It was spontaneously populated with red goats, deer, grouse, foxes, hares, hawks and other animals.

Hagieni Forest

located on the left side of the Mangalia-Albesti road, represents one of the most valuable pieces of the natural patrimony in Dobrogea.

Movile Cave

discovered in 1986 near Mangalia, shelters a unique ecosystem which was completely separated from the exterior world for almost 5.5 million years. 35 new species live here in an environment low in oxygen, but rich in hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane.

Limanu Cave

has both a historical and spelean importance. Due to the lack of water infiltrations from the surface, the cave is completely void of stalactites and stalagmites.

Agigea Dunes Reserve

with its extremely rare flora species, is the only marine dune habitat preserved on the Romanian seaside.

Vama Veche-2 Mai Marine Reserve

is the only underwater reserve on the Black Sea coast, a complex scientific reserve (zoological and botanical) where can be found dolphins from all the three species that live in the Black Sea.

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