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1 Fun, Sun and Beaches

Warm climate, miles of sand beaches, vineyards... [more...]

The Paleochristian basilica from Niculitel was built under the Roman emperors Valens and Valentinianus and rebuilt in the time of Theodosius the 2nd. The crypt, covered by a hemispherical dome with pendants, used to rest the remains of four martyrs, whose names (Zotikos, Attalos, Kamasis and Phillipos) and martyrdom are engraved on the crypt’s walls.

2 Archaeology and Culture Romanian Riviera , part of Dobrodgea , wich... [more...]

3 Wild Danube Delta

For more than 10,000 years , after crossing 2,860... [more...]

4 Events.

There are plenty events all year round dance festivals... [more...]

5 The Black Sea Spas

There are no miracles , but Romanian cures ... [more...]

St. Athanasie Church from Niculitel was erected in the first half of the 14th century, as the church of a feudal estate. Abandoned in the 15th century, the church was restored to the cult at the beginning of the 16th century.

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“Sf. Gheorghe” Orthodox Church, Isaccea was erected in Byzantine style at the end of the 18th century – the beginning of the 19th century, on the location of an older place of worship. The church holds several pieces of cultural heritage: a funerary monument dating from the Roman period and a wooden iconostasis from the 17th century.

“Sf. Gheorghe” Orthodox Church (“The Clock Church”), Tulcea is 18 m high, not endowed with towers, due to the Islamic interdiction to overtop the minaret of the Tulcea mosque. The unusually sized iconostasis (15 x 17 m), blending floral and zoomorphic motifs and featuring no less than 90 icons, most of them dating back to the 19th century, is altogether outstanding. The interior painting was made in 1927.

“Sf. Nicolae” Greek Church, Sulina was built in 1868, in Italian style. Part of the stained-glass windows is original. The carpets and the tapestry were donated by the Greek believers from Sulina. Until 1970, the Masses were held in Latin.

Aziziye Mosque, Tulcea was inaugurated in 1863, during the reign of the Padishah Abdul Azizie, to whom it is dedicated. It is one of the biggest mosques, erected by the Ottoman Empire in Dobrogea. The minaret was rebuilt in 1897.

Ali Gazi-Pasha mosque, Babadag was built in the early 17th century by the Army General Ali Gazi-Pasha. It is the oldest monument of Islamic art in Romania, with a rectangular plan, a monumental arched porch and a 21 meters-high minaret. The General’s tomb lies in the mosque courtyard.

Celic Dere Monastery – Located 28 km from Tulcea, it was built around 1841-1844 as a mixed monastery, taking the configuration of a village, with spread households. The museum, established within the former workshop for religious painting and carpet weaving, shelters an important treasury of cult exhibits. The most valuable books are undoubtedly the Homily of Varlaam (1643) and the Bible from Bucharest (1688). The courtyard hosts another architectural monument, a windmill.

Vovidenia Monastery was founded in 1804 as a nuns monastery, south-east of the Slava Rusa village (50km from Tulcea). The church was built around the middle of the 20th century.

Cerbu Monastery is located between the villages Ciucurova and Topolog, in a remarkably picturesque landscape. The road to the monastery is dotted with 14 crosses representing the fall of the Saviour.

Cocos Monastery is located 24 km from Niculitel. Built in 1833 by three Romanian monks returned from Mount Athos, the monastery holds a significant collection of old books and holy objects, gathered from all the parishes of Tulcea County and exhibited in the Monastery museum.

Located 3 km south-west of the Slava Rusa village, this monk monastery was founded in the 18th century. In the second part of the 20th century, the wooden church was replaced with another, made of brick.



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