1 Fun, Sun and Beaches

Warm climate, miles of sand beaches, vineyards... [more...]

is situated at the entrance of Mamaia Resort and is the first and largest romanian water park with a capacity of more than 2500 places. Totaling more than 27.000 square meters, the park

2 Archaeology and Culture Romanian Riviera , part of Dobrodgea , wich... [more...]

3 Wild Danube Delta

For more than 10,000 years , after crossing 2,860... [more...]

has 8.200 sm for accommodations and more than 4.000 square meters of water.

Within the complex there are 11 distinct fun places, 2 of them exclusively for small children. The park has an outdoor dancing scene equipped with state of the art laser lights and water jets that sprinkle on the rhythm of the music. If you’re hungry, you can eat at one of the numerous restaurants, bars or fast food’s within the complex.

4 Events.

There are plenty events all year round dance festivals... [more...]

5 The Black Sea Spas

There are no miracles , but Romanian cures ... [more...]

is a complex cable transportation system for the tourists that want to admire a panoramic view of Mamaia from above. The skygondola has a transportation capacity of more than

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1500 persons per hour and tourists can embark on one of the two stations: Cazino and Perla. Tourists taking this ride will have the unique opportunity to literally fly over Mamaia for approximately 7 wonderful minutes at a maximum height of 50 meters above ground. The closed cabin skygondola has a capacity of 8 places, is naturally ventilated and has strong UV and anti reflexive protection to ensure the best visibility. Total length of the course is 2000 meters.

placed on the Siutghiol lake, 5 km away from Mamaia and 500 meters from Ovidiu Town, the island is one of the most unique places to go on the Romanian Riviera and is the only

tourist destination situated entirely on a natural island. The island has a surface of 26.000 meters of which more than 10.000 are used for tourist’s purposes. The island dates thousands of years ago and it is well known for being the place where the famous poet Publius Ovidius Naso (43 B.C. – 17 A.D.) was exiled in the year 8 AD by the roman emperor Augustus on reasons that remain mysterious. It was here where he wrote his well known works Tristia (“Sorrows”) and Epistulae ex Ponto (“Letters from the Black Sea”). In presents times , Ovidiu’s Island has 20 accommodation places in 10 small three star bungalows.



with open upper deck serve for Mamaia and Constanta Tours as well as Romanian Riviera Tours and are equipped with upper deck surveillance camera, automatic pilot and state of the art

sound system that can play guide’s presentations in 9 languages. Besides that,the buses manufactured in 2006 are also equipped with handicapped ramps as well as suspensions that can lean the bus sideways. Each bus has 90 sitting places and can be also used during the winter season due to the heating system and the possibility to close the upper deck.

is situated only 3 km north of the city. Here you can admire some beautiful thorough Arabian horses. The stud farm is not only a tourist’s location,

but also an amusement place where you can find a racetrack as well as a paddock for horsemanship lessons.